Our new cd "My Life" will be officially released on February 9, 2018 and the advance reviews are coming in already.  It contains 16 originals from our previous cds that have been remixed or recorded with a new lineup of musicians that includes, Westside Andy, Madison Slim, Cadillac Pete Rahn, Benny Rickun, Big Al Groth, Jimmy Voegeli, Mickey Larson, Danny Moore, Ron Kovach, Andre Maritato, PT Pedersen SC, Brad Bill, Jeff Roberts, Spencer and Craig Panosh and Victor Span.  Recorded at Making Sausage Studios in Milwaukee and engineered by Steve Hamilton. 

"Top 30 CD for Dec/Jan" Blues Power

"Your new CD is great" Gil Anthony/Blues Power

"Top Ten Pick" Smokestack Lightning 

"Sounds excellent" Mark Thompson/Suncoast Blues Society

"This wonderful compilation of their best stuff is fabulous!....Reverend Raven “My Life” 

Twenty years of the best of the best. Just ace top drawer! Better check it out"  Blue Barry, Smoky Mountain Blues Society

"Your new CD is great"  Steve Jones/Crossroads Blues Society

"Hot Stuff" Midwest Record Review

"Reverend Raven has pulled out all stops and produced a brilliant Blues album. I was excited to see this appear on your list and it has exceeded all expectations. I love it!!!!!"  Peter Merrett/PBS 106.7FM Melbourne Australia

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