-25 degrees below zero?  So what, it's Wisconsin.  We'll be out and about this month (wish it was the Virgin Islands).

Westside Andy has been playing with us and has been ripping it up on the bandstand.  We opened for the Hoopsnakes last week in Medina, MN to a crowd of 1600 plus and the band nailed it.  The Hoopsnakes were great.  Charlie Bingham is a rock god LOL.  

The House Party at Kochanski's continues tonight 2/6/14 at 8pm.  Our guest tonight is Smokey Holman from Tweed Funk backed by the Chain Smoking Altar Boys.  Open stage for jamming on the second set.  Bring your axe, sticks or pipes and sit in.

Saturday, 2/8/14, we're at the 8th Street Ale House in Sheboygan at 1pm.  Yes, I said 1pm to 5pm.  

Sunday, 2/9/14, The Sunday Blues Matinee continues at Kochanski's, 1920 s. 37th, Milwaukee at 2pm.  Reverend Raven & The Chain Smoking Altar Boys and Tweed Funk.  

Wednesday 2/12/14, I'll join Benny Rickun, Rick Holmes and Dave Braun at The American Legion in Brookfield, WI at 7:30pm

Valentines Day 2/14/14 we'll be playing for you and your heart throb at Mamie's, 3300 w. National Ave at 9:30pm

Saturday 2/15/14 we return to Sir James Pub in Port Washington, WI at 8pm







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